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Posted: October 13, 2010 in development
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In this blog we are going to show the potential of this new API for PHP called RedFruits.

RedFruits is a PHP API (or framework) to write webs in PHP, quickly and safety. It’s an Object Oriented API and allows to write web sites with no HTML code. Web sites and, now, plugins for WordPress.

You can download it from the wordpress’ plugins repository

RedFruits defines a set of objects to create all the web’s visual components. It can be combined with HTML code, CSS and Javascript. For example you can only made the forms with RedFruits and the rest in HTML classic code. See an example:

$form = new ADForm();
$form->add(new ADLabeledField('User:', new ADTextField('name', '', 8, 8)));
$form->add(new ADLabeledField('Pwd:', new ADTextField('pass', '', 8, 8)));
$form->add(new ADSubmit('login', 'login'));
echo $form->render('ADSimpleRender');

the code below shows a typical login form.